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A wolf is just a dachshund with a bad rep!

Holiday season has officially started, and for once it was no problem finding a vacant spot in the company's parking garage.

Lots a space

Try as I might, I did not manage to cover more than two spaces with that tiny car of ours.

Looks can be deceiving. This delicious little chocolate for example did not taste half as good as it looked.

Tastewise it was a definite meh...

And while we're at it: Can we please stop adding sea salt to sweets? If chocolate was supposed to be enjoyed with salt it would probably grow on the beach!

I disagree with Rob Bell, but if he was right (which I strongly believe he isn’t) would you still commit acts of altruism even though there was no extra reward? If you would not, what does that say about your motives?

From time to time, I buy things on Aliexpress. I know better than to expect very much. I also, as a rule of thumb, stay well clear of things that need to be connected to the power grid. (Trying to avoid a fiery death caused by an exploding power supply and all that.)

I did try buying on Wish the other day and the experience was a mixed bag to put it mildly.

Keeping in mind that my expectations were quite low to begin with, I would summarize my impression as follows:

Wish = Aliexpress - quality - legal security + ridiculous shipping costs

No doubt they will make it far in this day and age...

It's the 20th anniversary of the iMac. And I don't miss it one bit.

Back in the day, we copywriters used to work on iMacs G3 because our CEO liked to show new customers around, pointing out that everyone had an Apple.

What a progressive and creative gang we were...

The Macs crashed about 14 times a day, and the key combination for resetting PRAM is still in muscle memory.

Surfing wasn't really an option, since about a hundred people shared one low-speed Internet connection. (The high-speed connection was reserved for sending PDF files to the print shop.)

Fortunately, someone found a way to run Metal Slug (via MAME) and started a league.

Good times.

A technical writer's job is like baking a cake.

In other words:

  • We do not grind the corn
  • Neither do we water the seedlings
  • Or pull up weeds
  • We do not look at a flipping cornfield and theorize how it could turn into food

We do however take the ingredients that you deliver and turn them into a delicious Black Forest cake.

Not more. And not less.

Question: Is it true that every day in Norway has four seasons?

Answer: In principle, yes. But all the seasons are autumn.

Hello, I am calling from Windows...

Rumor has it that India and Nigeria will be sharing a new top-level domain: .con

Who needs computers. According to stock photographers (if there even is such a thing?) all writing of any value must necessarily be done via pen and paper. This is especially important when documenting technical procedures.

That's why we technical writers always release our first drafts on folded paper napkins. Only the final document may be published using high-quality beermats.