On half-life

The digitization of our daily lives seems unstoppable. And, generally speaking, I don't have a problem with that. Being born without any sense of direction, GPS has made my trips to friends, restaurants, or holiday destinations much easier. Digital photos are a blessing (again, generally speaking) and I do prefer a word processor to a typewriter.

My only concern is that digitization reduces the half life of about any product to little more than two years.

I can live with buying a new mobile phone or a camera when the (built-in) battery dies or the file format becomes obsolete. But I'd rather not buy a new car on a semiannual basis. My last car was a mechanical beast that lasted almost 20 years. But what do I do when the CPU in my current model goes wonky after some seasons in the rain?

Sure, exchanging a chip is easier than replacing a drive train, but what about DRM and other digital protection schemes? If you think you we will be able to replace the main screen of your car with a better third-party equivalent try to install a cheap ink cartridge into your printer. You see where I'm going with this?