For the first time in a long time I have been rewatching the 1972 sci-fi classic “Silent Running”.

Unfortunately, the more often I watch it, the less sense it seemes to make:

  1. How can the crew have been onboard the Valley Forge for 6 months, if a trip to Saturn takes between 3 and 6 years?
  2. In what kind of scenario does it make sense to move plants onto a fleet of space ship and move them through the solar system?
  3. Why are the domes jettisoned and detroyed and not simply left in space?
  4. Why do all the freighters just happen to have a large amount of nuclear detonators on board?
  5. Why does the top notch botanist not realize that the plants are dying because of a lack of sun light?
  6. Why are the bio domes close to Saturn and not in orbit around earth anyway?
  7. Most of the crew, as well as ground control, show a total disregard for nature. Why do they try to save plants in the first place?
  8. If the last plants on earth are blown up without a second of doubt, why is a major rescue mission started for one survivor?

Having said all that, the model work in the movie is top notch. Especially the datails in the jettison scenes are impressive.