I like quirky

The other day, I visited a Computer Museum in Kiel, Germany and had the chance to look at (and play with) the Cambridge Z88.

Cambridge Z88

I have secretly lusted over this computer for quite a while and even contacted a seller in the UK who had the machine available. From the reviews and descriptions I found on the Internet it sounded like the perfect mobile word processor with a rubbery, but very usable, keyboard.

But boy, was I underwhelmed! Trying to write anything was like typing on a pocket calculator.

I have always like Clive Sinclair's machines, from my first ZX81 to the QL, despite all their quirks. And even though I would still like to own a Z88 I am quite happy that I don't have to produce text on those mushy keys.

Having said that: Is there any dedicated (and affordable) mobile word processing hardware out there? I already do own a Pomera DM100, a Japanese only note taking device, that is let down by its lackluster keyboard.