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Type away

1 min read

I'm on the move. The only "computers" that are accessible are my phone and a tablet. Neither of them features a physical keyboard.

So, how do I write? Poke one letter at a time on a tiny screen? Try to swype my way through some complex thoughts? Maybe even try ~~vice definition~~ voice recognition?

The point is, when it comes to creating text nothing beats a physical keyboard.

On a related note: Some time ago, I saw the Lenovo Yoga Tab at the airport and fell in love with it's Halo keyboard.

I needed one of those!

I also need to learn to think before I buy stuff.

Long story short, while the tablet itself is super cool looking, the typing experience is mediocre at best. It's like typing on the table in front of you. Only with a lag and the need to constantly check where your fingers are.