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  1. On complacency

    When almost 2,000 years of persecution couldn't stop believers from spreading the good news with confidence, the enemy decided to change his battle plan: 50 years of peace and prosperity have now effectively silenced most Christians in the western world.

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  2. Pi day

    Today is π day. March 14th.

    For the rest of us who write our dates the correct way it could be Marcus Antonius (born 143 BC) day, or Maccabaeus (died 143 BC) day, or, if your are so inclined, Psalm 143 day. A beautiful Psalm which incidentally does not mention …

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  3. Hic sunt dracones

    As a lad, I spent many a sunny day behind my desk trying to wrap my head around the difference between gerund and gerundive. For you who have not enjoyed the pleasures of learning an extinct language, gerund and gerundive are verb forms that ... You know what? Forget it! I'm …

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  4. All grown up now

    Chromebooks have come a long way since I bought my 1st-gen HP 11 Chromebook back in the late middle ages.

    Today, I'm sitting with my Lenovo "something or other" and I can install Android apps and happily write blog posts using my favorite Linux editor. Page generation in Jekyll and …

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  5. Hellø wørld

    It's time to give a static page generator a try. Using restructuredText.

    It's like Jekyll. Same same. But different.
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