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Life hacks

1 min read

From time to time, life can be challenging. Repairing a broken down washing machine or tiling the roof after an autumn storm isn't everybody's cup of tea.

Fortunately, the Internet is rife with "amazing" life hacks that help you finish the most tedious chores in next to no time.

The logic behind these hacks seems to be that the most basic tasks of daily life are easier to achieve if you engage in some overly complicated 10 minute crafts.

One quick search in YouTube shows such fascinating hacks as:

  • Slicing a banana with a deck of cards (Part II: Clean a deck of cards using Lego bricks and a Chihuahua)
  • Build a makeshift vacuum cleaner using nothing more than a PC fan, 7 empty water bottles, 50 meters of aluminum foil and a diesel generator
  • Multiply two numbers using an ancient Chinese method than requires a 2 squaremeter piece of paper, a ruler, and 5 pencils
  • Turn a mars bar into a Q-tip